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January 17, 2008

As I mentioned earlier this week, the Peep was due for another haircut.

Not his first haircut, mind you; not even his first professional haircut.

My parents have been taking him to their hairdresser for almost a year now. Unfortunately, he’s gotten progressively more and more worked with at each visit; the last time he was so upset that he threw up.

After that little episode, they vowed never to take him for a haircut ever again. Which left me and Larry holding the bag. We’ve been putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off for the past month or so.


Part of the dilemma was not knowing where to take the kid. Do we go to a barber? A hairdresser? A place that specializes in kids cuts?Since the kid-friendly places are loaded with animatronic characters, and my kid still won’t go near his Tickle-m@-E1mo, we vetoed that choice. Larry’s barber is in his early 70’s, and frankly, I just wasn’t comfortable with that idea.

That left my hairdresser. Who is also a family friend, and my parent’s neighbor. The Peep knows her, and even likes her. So last night we bit the bullet and brought him to the salon.

(Quick aside: she keeps her shop open til 10pm on Wednesday nights, and opens up at 7am on Saturday mornings; what a totally genius move for people who just don’t have a ton of free time during normal business hours.)

When we walked into the shop, he got sight of the chairs and heard the blowdryer, and was a little nervous. But after a few minutes in the waiting area, he got used to the place and started walking around a little.

But as soon as Larry got into the chair with him on his lap, the situation began to deteriorate. Rapidly. She got a few snips in here and there in between the yelling and screaming and begging for mercy, but not many.

Then she handed him two dum-dums, and snipped a few more while he was using them as drumsticks on his father’s leg.

But inevitably the meltdown began again.  Finally, in desperation, I unwrapped the lollipop and stuck it in his mouth.

Have I mentioned that my kid has never had candy before, never mind a lollipop?


We got through the last few snips in fits and starts, and by the time he was brushed off the tears had ended, and once he had his coat on he was all smiles.Both lollipops were long gone before we were halfway home (don’t worry, we took the sticks away from him), and his hands, face, and clothing were a sticky, hairy mess. Straight into the tub he went.

I’m not saying that he’ll never give us another hard time over a haircut, but I think we may have turned a corner.

Especially if he doesn’t get another lollipop until next time.

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