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February 20, 2007

First, the good news: I finished the damned second sock:


For all my complaining, it’s a great pattern – clearly written, easy enough to work. I just wish I had had the luxury of free time to finish them quickly – almost seven weeks for a pair of socks is ridiculous.

I hope to cast on for my brother’s hat tonight. It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, so there’s still a chance I can get it finished by the end of the month, in line with my project-a-month goal for 2007. One would think ten days would be plenty of time for a hat, but who knows.

I’m also a little frustrated by the fact that KnitPicks’ Options set doesn’t come with a 16″ cable (the smallest is 24″). I don’t have the proper circular size in my arsenal, either, and I refuse to buy any more circs. Furthermore, I need a break from DPNs! So the hat might come out a little looser than it would otherwise, but oh well. My brother does have a big noggin, so hopefully the one problem will accommodate the other.

On the downside, my husband and I came down with the stomach flu on Sunday afternoon, and the baby started it on Monday morning – we had to call in the reinforcements! My mother in law, thankfully, was able to come over and take care of the baby, which was a godsend because neither of us could stand upright until about 7pm Monday night. We’re all much better today, but boy oh boy the past two days were sucky-diddly-yucky.

And finally, the Peep cut another tooth – grand total, two. The top two look like they’re just about ready to come through, too. Considering this poor kid has been drooly and chewing on everything in sight since June, these teeth can’t come in fast enough.

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