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February 16, 2017

We tend to not really make a big deal out of Valentine’s day. We don’t go out, we don’t exchange gifts; this year we didn’t even buy cards.

Dinner at home,


treats for dessert,



and a box of chocolate.



February 13, 2017

We got a few more inches of snow on Saturday; not enough to be anything but a minor annoyance.

Sunday morning we escaped the house for a few hours and went to a movie.  It was raining when we got to the theater, and by the time we left it giving us the classic wintry mix – a little rain, a little ice, a little snow.

By about 3 it was back to just snow.  Big, heavy, wet flakes of snow.


Heart attack snow is what we call it, because if you aren’t careful when you’re shoveling it out, you might wind up in the emergency room.

It stopped snowing around 10am this morning. Which is coincidentally about the same time Larry walked back in the door, having tried to go to work earlier in the morning but thwarted by the public transportation system. Sigh.

It is above freezing today, which makes the snow melt unto itself, making it even heavier to shovel away.

Wintry mix yesterday makes for icicles today, and the combination of warm weather and gusty winds today make them even more dangerous than usual.

But the sunshine is a good incentive to get the boys outside. Heavy snow’s saving grace is that it is the ultimate material for snowballs, snow forts and snowpeople.

I’m sure they’ll get around to that stuff eventually.


February 10, 2017

We got a nice big snowstorm yesterday; some parts of the Boston area even attained blizzard status.

The experts saw this one coming from a few days off, so everyone had plenty of time to plan accordingly. School for Thursday was canceled midafternoon on Wednesday, so I brought my laptop home with me and was able to work from home without incident.  Larry’s office did not close, but I do not have faith in the combination of the elements and the public transportation system these days, so I prevailed upon him to take a sick day.

The storm was a cold and windy one, so the snowflakes were small and light, which means it was blowing around and visibility was poor.  On the plus side light snow is easier to clear, on the minus it tends to blow around after clearing.


In this photo the snow is so fine you can’t even tell it’s snowing, but it is; it’s whipping around almost sideways.

All in all we had a low-key day. The boys mostly occupied themselves, Larry alternated between cat naps and shoveling, I plugged away at a data-cleansing project for work that I’ve been avoiding for a week or so.  Later in the afternoon, I was able to work in the ends of Alistair’s latest hat while Larry made dinner.


I will begin work on Larson’s tonight.

Last night they cancelled school for today. This morning the sky is blue, the air is cold, and there are snowdrifts everywhere. I took this the first time I opened the back door today.  That’s a 6-inch drift. 🙂


Another couple of storms in the forecast for the weekend.  I suspect the novelty will wear off pretty quickly.


February 7, 2017

You may be aware that there was a big football game this past Sunday.img_0625

My friends and I ran a 5k that morning.  We only run it when the Patriots are in the Superbowl because brrrrr!  This year it was 18 degrees at the start.

We don’t go out to Superbowl parties – Monday morning starts a little too early and the game starts a little too late – so every year we put on an indoor tailgate for four.


Our team’s performance was – aw, you know.  If you aren’t a New Englander you’re probably heartily sick of hearing about it by now.

But given that the team had forty-plus seasons before winning a SuperBowl, folks around these parts aren’t sick of it AT ALL.

Also, the Red Sox equipment truck left for Florida yesterday. Spring is coming.


January 31, 2017

I don’t know if you’ve heard about these monthly subscription boxes that are all the rage these days.

There are some makeup subscriptions, snack food subscriptions, clothing subscriptions, razor blade subscriptions, sports and movie subscriptions. You name it, there’s likely a monthly subscription for it.

Well, Larry got me a six-month subscription to Fun Run Box for Christmas.  So every month I get a box full of fitness-related items along with a training plan for the month. To me its exciting to not know what next month’s training program will be, and it’s much more fun than having to make one up for yourself.  Plus – everybody loves swag!

January’s theme was “Make it a Habit”. Which was perfect coming off my foot injury, I followed the beginner program and managed to run 44.46 miles in January!  My previous monthly mileage record was 34.1.

February’s theme is “Love to Run”, and involves training focused around heart rate zones.  Clever.

These were included in the shipment:


All of which is to say, I’m pretty happy with it so far. Here’s the link if you are interested:

Note, I’m not getting anything from Fun Run Box in exchange for this review. Larry paid full retail for the subscription.


January 27, 2017

Alistair’s winter violin concert was this past Tuesday.



I’m very proud of my boy.



January 24, 2017

I went to the Women’s March for America in Boston on Saturday.

You guys….it was awesome in the literal sense. I was awed.

So many people of every color, shape, generation, gender. Everyone was happy and positive, courteous and calm.

Boston being Boston, the Common is not a level plane. This was our perspective during the speaking part of the event:


Which was great, of course. And then we moved through the crowd a bit, in search of the friends we were trying to meet, and we came up over a little rise and saw this:


Totally overwhelmed.

As it turns out, even that was but a fraction of the whole crowd. We thought we were towards the back, but in fact we were barely in the middle.  Again, given the terrain the only way to see the full scope of things was from the aerial view.

Estimates vary from 125,000 to 150,000 attended here in Boston. I am happy to report there were no “incidents”.

You know what there WAS?  Thousands and thousands of pink hats.


I am so proud of my city.