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February 8, 2016

The snow stopped just after 3pm on Friday, and the boys went straight outside.


It was a heavy wet snow, which is perfect for playing and terrible for cleaning up.

Saturday was a completely different animal.  It was sunny, warmish, and clear.  Too sloppy for running but I took a walk along the river.  It was one of those storms where the snow and ice stick to the trees, which makes everything sparkle when the sun comes out.


It was even warmed on Sunday, so there was a lot of melting and I was able to take a 3-mile run outdoors.

Sunday also happened to be Superbowl day, and although our team wasn’t playing, we muddled through with ridiculous eating.  Here is a shot of the ribs Larry made


and the giant pretzels I made.


We also planned for queso and guacamole, but were too full.

But no matter, we are all at home again today, thanks to another snowstorm and another snow day.  This one is variously calling for snow totals between 4-8, 5-10, or 9-14, depending on which channel you watch.  There’s really no telling what we’ll end up with, until it stops.  But this is a completely different storm than last weeks’, there is a lot of wind and it is very cold; that means the snow will be easy to shovel, at least.


February 5, 2016

The forecast turned seemingly on a dime yesterday – they were calling for 1-3″ when I left for work, and they changed it to 3-6″ around lunch, and to 4-8″ by about 3pm.  I packed my laptop “just in case”, and sure enough, they cancelled school late last night.

So here I am, working from home in my own house, looking out at this view


Meanwhile, in the next room,


the boys are cuddled up with my dad having a Star Wars marathon.  They write down the titles, put them in a hat, and choose the movies at random.

The only bummer is that Larry had to go into the office today.  The morning commute was perfectly fine, there was less than an inch on the ground at that point; no telling what will happen on his way home tonight.


February 2, 2016

I came down with some kind of bug last week, to the extent where I actually took a sick day on Friday. It took a bit of a toll on my running schedule – really, on all my schedules – but I was able to squeak a run in on the morning of the 31st, and was able to get to 25.24 miles in the month.  Whew.

I was also able to reach my step goal 17 days last month, and my goal is to get my goal 15 days a month, so that’s a plus too.

I even read a book, and started another one.

So in summary, on February 2 I am still on track for my 2016 goals.



January 26, 2016

We did get a treadmill earlier in the month, so I’ve had no excuse not to run at least a couple of mornings a week.  Which I have done.  Unfortunately we’ve had bad weather over the past couple of weekends I have only been able to run outside twice this month.  Which means twice this year.  I need to average 25-30 miles a month if I’m going to get to 300/366 miles on the year, and I think I might just make 25 miles in January.  Whew.

The boys have been going to birthday parties for the past few weekends, and there’s another one coming up this weekend too.  So my downtime has been limited, but I’ve still managed to sneak in a bit of knitting.


I need to weigh the remainders to see if I’ll have enough for two pairs of mittens.


January 19, 2016

Between one thing and another, it’s been a couple of months since I last made it to a meeting of my knitting guild.  I got to Thursday’s meeting and was so glad to be there.

There was a guest speaker – Robert Porter, owner of Coveted Yarns up in Gloucester – and he brought some of the Flat Rocks Yarn that is locally dyed and sold exclusively at Coveted Yarns.

It’s a great little store, we went in once last summer on one of our day trips to Cape Ann, and even Larry and the boys were impressed. Their online shopping options are pretty robust if you aren’t within a reasonable drive of Gloucester.  (Although I will say, Cape Ann is worth the trip.)

Anyway.  I’ve never met a trunk show that I didn’t like, and this was no exception.


My mother has been hinting that despite all my hat knitting up to Christmas, she hasn’t gotten a knitted hat in a long time… so the purple is for her.  The bluey one will coordinate nicely with my camel coat, I think.

Also, we finally had some snow yesterday.




And there’s more in the forecast.  No surprise – it IS late January, after all.

It’s perfect knitting weather.


January 12, 2016

For us the holiday season extends into early January; our anniversary is on the 9th.

We celebrated eleven years of bliss by taking Friday off and driving to Newport for an overnight getaway.

January in New England is always a crapshoot – on anniversaries past we’ve had everything from rain to snow to sunshine.  This year we lucked out; it was sunny and nearly 50.

Perfect weather for a walk near the sea, peeking at the backside of the mansions.


We walked back to the car on the road so that we could see the fronts.  They didn’t disappoint, either.


We had a late lunch, then strolled around downtown.  Back to the hotel for some downtime, then a spectacular dinner date.


We were home by midday on Saturday, and since we didn’t win Powerball, we’re back to reality now.


January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!

This was the first time we woke Larson up for midnight on New Year’s Eve (Alistair was 5 or 6 the first time we woke him, but has stayed up the past few years).  I think all of us were fast asleep by 12:05.

We went for a walk around the Mystic on New Year’s Day.  We tried to find two different geocaches, but no luck.


It was still a nice morning out.

I don’t have any big shiny resolutions.  Just keep the four of us happy and healthy, and stay on track with my exercise routine.  Last year I ran exactly 275.1 miles – this year I’m going to shoot for 300.  We may invest in a treadmill, and if we do I’ll bump that goal up to 366.  We’ll see.

I also would like to read more.  I don’t think a book a month is too much, it’s just a matter of turning off the television every so often.  Which can’t be a bad thing, right?

Here’s to a marvelous 2016!


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