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August 27, 2015

Last weekend the Friends of the Fells launched another StoryWalk, so we drove over to check it out.  We are 3 for 3 on StoryWalks in 2015 :)



We brought our Geocaching stuff with us, because there are caches stowed all over the Fells.  With a couple of small detours from the StoryWalk path to some of the other connecting trails, we found two of them.


A while ago we bought a turkey fryer, and have been formulating a plan to ease in to using it safely and deliciously.  We decided to start by steaming lobsters – a few inches of boiling water has to be safer than several gallons of boiling oil, right?  Plus, what’s not to like about lobster?


Easy peasy.  Next stop, fried chickens.




August 24, 2015

A week or two ago I saw this tweet from Alton Brown:



Now, my kids love them some watermelon.  So I clicked the link – it’s a recipe for pickled watermelon rinds.

Now, my husband loves him some pickles; we have been putting up roughly a gallon of pickles a week through July and August.  I figured, why not?

So the next time we got a watermelon, I harvested the rinds, and peeled and diced them.


And then it was as simple as A, B, C.  I followed the directions and put the jars into the fridge.


Let them sit for a couple of days, and we had the big unveiling on Friday.  Which went over with a dull thud.

Not that they aren’t tasty; I kind of like them.  The problem, I think, lies in the name.  If they were called, say,  “preserved watermelon rinds”, everyone would have been happier.   But these guys, they hear the magic word – “pickle” – and their mind goes to dill and garlic and vinegar.  These aren’t that sort of pickle.  They are spicy and sweet and somewhat Asian-inspired; they are not herby or garlicky in any way.

So…we have about 3 1/2 jars to go.  I can’t bring myself to throw them away!  I will bring a jar to work later this week and see what my colleagues think.

Here’s the recipe if you’re intrigued:



August 18, 2015

Last week was the last week of the boys’ various camps.  Larson spent another week at Forest Kindergarten, and Alistair went to a three-day animation workshop at Artworks.  He learned the basics of claymation, stop-motion animation, and animated cells.  He brought home a 3D cell.


Saturday was International Geocaching Day, and we did a string of FIVE geocaches in the span of about a half-mile.  It was a hot day, so that was about enough outdoor activity for us!


On Sunday we went to the local beach for a short while, then came home and puttered around the house.




A nice easy weekend is a good way to cap off to a pretty busy week, if you ask me.


August 14, 2015

We spent last week at the Farm.  It was my 36th year, Larry’s 15th.  The boys of course have gone every summer of their lives.

IMG_6076  IMG_6086  IMG_6169  IMG_6214  IMG_6268  IMG_6349  IMG_6362  IMG_6367

We swam, we hiked, we lounged.  We painted faces, we tie-dyed our shirts, we shuffle-boarded, we had pony rides.  And so, so much more.

The farm is all of those things and so much more.  We love it.  It is pure magic.



July 31, 2015

This week’s craft Tuesday was squirt gun painting.

It’s pretty straightforward:  load squirtguns with liquid watercolor paint, squirt paper, repeat.

For us the trickiest part was finding liquid watercolors; I wound up ordering a set from amazon.  Not sure if poster paints would have worked as well.  Got the squirtguns from the dollar store.






Bonus for adding six new squirtguns to the backyard arsenal.


July 28, 2015

Last winter Alistair was part of an afterschool Illustration Club; their class project was to illustrate a Chinese poem.

In late spring they were invited to submit their artwork for display in a local coffeehouse.  The pieces were up for the past few weeks, and the coffeehouse had a closing reception last Thursday; they will have a new exhibit up soon.


I like when local businesses take in interest in the community…

On Saturday we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday with a cookout.  Special guests were the newest babies in the family.  Seven or so weeks after they were born, and a day before their due date, my boys met their newest cousins.





By this time next year they’ll be able to participate in all of the fun, but for now they are content to be snuggled by anyone who is so inclined.



July 20, 2015

Last week Alistair mentioned that “I’ve been to Maine, but Larson hasn’t”.

And just like that, we had a lightbulb moment.  We have decided to visit all six New England states before school starts.  We back-dated the plan to begin on Memorial Day, so that our Block Island trip totally counts.

So, yesterday we drove up the coast to Ogunquit, Maine.






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